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3D Architectural Visualization of Minion Building in Athens, Greece



3D Architectural Visualization of the Minion Building

Joining forces with Kokkinou – Kourkoulas Architects, ERGØN & WØLF proudly presents an unparalleled fusion of art and technology modern design

Whispers of History and Echoes of Tomorrow

The aim with Minion is to echo its unparalleled success from the ’60s and ’70s. Situated in a transforming area of Athens, once neglected, it’s now poised for a major uplift with the Patision – Aiolou axis upgrade. This includes an expansion of the National Archaeological Museum and improvements to Omonia. Despite its bustling day-time activity with offices and stores, the area currently quiets down at night. The Kokkinou – Kourkoulas Architects and Associates envision the Minion as more than a commercial hub; it’s a fusion of residential, cinematic, musical, and café spaces, ensuring a vibrant attraction all day and night.

The design of this space is fundamentally influenced by three factors: the rise of the internet, the imperative of green energy in response to climate change, and the incorporation of the local urban neighborhood’s spatial elements and atmosphere. With the internet reshaping commerce, where e-commerce brings goods to us, buildings now serve dual purposes. They’re not just warehouses but ‘flagships’ offering sensory experiences. These are not just shopping destinations but cultural centers, fostering chance encounters, education, entertainment, and shared experiences. Green energy technologies are central to architectural design, not just as a technical solution but as an organic element. The unique characteristics of the surrounding area are a starting point for new constructions, ensuring that Minion becomes a landmark building in Omonia’s evolving landscape.

3D architectural visualization of minion building from above during the night
Whispers of History and Echoes of Tomorrow

Opposite the modernist logic that dominates the buildings in the area, mostly offices that remain dark at night, the architects propose a strategy of dressing the building in a ‘fabric with folds‘ that overturns the prevailing aesthetic of the existing facades. This pleated curtain, crafted from stainless mesh, not only transforms the building’s look but also offers bioclimatic benefits by reducing solar radiation. It reshapes the conventional layout of the neighboring buildings by covering their facades and serving as a dynamic projection screen for color and light. Alongside its commercial, residential, and office functions, the Minion hosts a range of cultural activities. With music, exhibitions, dining, and a café at both the ground floor arcade and the rooftop, which includes a restaurant, cinema, and concert space. This diversity ensures the building remains active and engaging at all times.

KOKKINOU KOURKOULAS_MINION Night aerial image for Architectural Competition Render Building Athens

From the grandeur of neoclassical European arcades like the Pesmazoglou to the smaller, dead-end ones within building blocks, the design draws from these influences. On the ground floor, the architects introduced a diagonal axis – a private spot that enhances connectivity from Patision towards Omonia. This, not only doubles the storefront space on the ground floors but also serves as a lively space for café and music, attracting passersby and enhancing the building’s commercial and cultural appeal.

In the building’s core, a vertical light axis links the ground floor to the roof. This connection is amplified by the ‘energy tree – sculpture‘. A feature that merges green energy technology with artistic symbolism, making it a landmark feature. The sculpture’s design integrates photovoltaic elements, turning it into an energy-generating structure. From the third floor upwards, residences with independent entrances are aimed at short-term rentals for working visitors, while offices occupy corner spaces, offering flexibility for either office use or retail, depending on future demands.

Skyward Harmony: The Minion Terrace and the Athenian Panorama

Ascending to the Minion’s terrace, one finds a serene haven where architecture and the Athenian horizon converge in quiet dialogue. The sweeping canopy stretches towards the sky, its rhythmic pattern casting an intricate dance of light and shadow across the tranquil oasis.

This rooftop sanctuary offers a respite from the city’s fervor, a place to gather, reflect, and gaze outward to the expansive cityscape that is cradled by history and kissed by the Mediterranean sun. You can gaze at the Acropolis and the Lycabettus Hill, a point of view that highlights their beauty. Here, you can find a restaurant and an open-air cinema. A whole new experience when combined with the amazing view. It’s an encounter with the sublime, where each moment is framed by the grandeur of Athens and the visionary foresight of a building that reaches out to the world beyond its boundaries.

3D architectural visualization of minion building from above during the night
3D architectural visualization of minion building, view from the street
KOKKINOU KOURKOULAS_MINIONCompetition Render Rooftop Building Athens
3D architectural visualization of minion building during the night