ERGØN & WØLF is an international creative studio established in Madrid and Athens, working with clients all over the world.

We are specialized in high-end visualization
and have a passion for details.

We build the unbuilt and develop innovative and strategic branding campaigns for luxury residential, hospitality, commercial and cultural projects. Our working process is based on working as a team with our clients transforming ideas into something tangible, moving from theory to practice.

Through a deep knowledge of architecture, landscape, photography, aesthetics and a close collaboration with the design team, the studio provides powerful images and films for every kind of project.


Margarita Varla
Co-founder & Creative Director

Proud Athenian, Margarita was 2 years old when she started drawing elephants on top view. Curious and restless mind, today her world is a constant whirlwind of new creations.

Usually lost in perfection, her background as a karate fighter built her humility, persistence, respect and self-discipline. With her positive energy she always pushes us to dip our toe in the water to go further every day.

Her love for nature is her hallmark. Margarita is usually the one taking care of the Mediterranean landscapes.

Her endless sense of humour guarantees the laughs in the team. Let’s wait for the next acid joke!

Her weaknesses:
Aegina, the god rays over the Mediterranean Sea, and the feeling of freedom while driving alone.

In other words:
“It’s not the size of the dog in the fight, it’s the size of the fight in the dog.” ― Mark Twain

Sandra Ferminnan
Co-founder & Creative Director

Traveler to the bone. You can leave Sandra for a walk in the cities and find her 5 hours later still exploring.

Her wanderlust has made her who she is and keeps her evolving.
A passionate architect, always seeking for emotional beauty. It’s about finding peace among the chaos and doing what brings you happiness. We adore her stubbornness. Our moments of creation would be empty without her.

Her weaknesses:
Zaha, Tobacco Vanille fragrance and Scandinavian minimalist style clothing.

In other words:
“More and more, so it seems to me, light is the beautifier of the building.” ― Frank Lloyd Wright

“It is almost impossible to watch a sunset and not dream.” ― Bernard Williams

Once upon a time, two studios crossed paths. Ferminnan and Converter Studio.
After working on several projects together, they realized that each studio completes the other.
Ferminnan with the fine, luxury and mystic beauty, and Converter Studio with its more rough, mediterranean and raw approach.
So they decided to join forces, and that’s how ERGØN & WØLF Creative Studio was born.
Join us on this journey and create with us unforgettable experiences and moments.

We care for the Idea. The Concept. The meaning of each project and of its own personal story.
We love the sun. The sea. The nature. We have a Mediterranean soul.​
We try our best to capture the feeling of the moment. Of a view. The AWE.​
Our story consists of many years of experience, from different sides of the world and has formed us into what we are today.
We feel honored to meet and to work with extraordinary architects, designers, agencies, by visualizing and
promoting different and creative ideas.