Grand-Couronne, Rouen, France

High-End Landscape Visualization of a Unique Lodging in Grand-Couronne, Normandy


YAP Architecture


1st Prize Competition

1st prize award: Mastering nature’s canvas through high-end landscape visualization

ERGØN & WØLF in collaboration with YAP Architecture presents the unusual accommodation of the future. Are you feeling adventurous?

Nestled within the verdant outskirts of Rouen, a vision of eco-conscious lodging takes shape through the “Unique Lodging” project. This initiative marks a bold step towards integrating sustainable living with adventurous experiences, offering a return to nature’s simplicity. Awarded the first prize in a competition, YAP Architecture, in collaboration with ERGØN & WØLF for architectural visualization, has conceptualized a cabin that redefines rustic luxury.

Three communes have been selected for their distinctive natural landscapes to host these innovative cabins. Grand-Couronne, Amfreville-la-Mi-Voie, and Saint-Pierre-de-Manneville will each feature accommodations. Each 40m² cabin, without modern distractions, crafts a narrative of shared moments, simple pleasures, and a reconnection with nature’s rhythm.

Each cabin promises an intimate retreat, with uninterrupted countryside views. Ecological sensibility complements the serene ambiance, with local materials and designs that forego running water and electricity. These are spaces designed to make the heart wander and the soul ponder, amidst the calm of nature.

These cabins are not just structures; they are a bridge connecting the historical essence of Rouen to a future vision of tourism. With a projected opening in spring 2025, they stand as a prototype for innovation along the Seine, capturing the pioneering spirit of the region.

Our Gem: Grand-Couronne

In Grand-Couronne, the ingenuity of the Yubero Algarra team and the T/E/S/S engineering workshop shines through with their triangular cabin. This architectural gem is strategically positioned to offer breathtaking views of the natural basin, the embrace of the forest, and the vastness of the agricultural fields. That’s how it creates a haven where geometry and resilience meet the tranquility of the landscape.

Through our vision, we would like to take you on an adventure like no other. Sharing this cost-effective way of living with the people you keep close to you, is the perfect way to recharge. With thermal comfort and weather resistance in mind, you can always admire what nature has to offer from the beautiful rooms provided to the open balcony that breathes the fresh air that you desire.

Meet The Other Two Cabins


Perched above the serene curves of the Seine, the first of the visionary projects, crafted by Atelier 2H alongside SAS wooden structure design office, emerges as a contemporary rendition of a fisherman’s cabin. This architecturally stunning lodging, with its terrace on stilts, is designed to offer expansive views that stretch across the river to the Mont Ager, the Mallefranches, and the Hauts Valleys. It stands as a harmonious fusion of nature and design, inviting guests to soak in the picturesque landscape from a modern sanctuary suspended above the water.


While the third cabin in Saint-Pierre-de-Manneville is still in the conceptual phase, the promise of its future adds to the allure of this distinctive project. “Unique Lodging” stands as a testament to Rouen’s commitment to innovative, eco-friendly accommodations. Accommodations that embrace the essence of its culture and the beauty of its landscapes.

High-End Landscape Visualization of a Unique Lodging in Grand-Couronne, Normandy