Kolding, Denmark

Terra, Kolding, Denmark

Design: Amr Hagagi


If learning is an essential part of playing, and playing is an essential part of dreaming, then…


Why is dreaming often limited by our learning?


We may ask ourselves what our dreams are.

But do we take the time to reflect on why we dream?

And why they’re only dreams and not our reality?


Terra, a medidative playful pavilion


Terra invites you to dream. It gives you a moment to breathe, to switch of expectations and tunnel vision, and to reflect on your own happiness.

Allow yourself a moment to process your past, reflect on your present, and acknowledge your dreams for the future.

Terra is a space to meditate and to pause habitual repetition.

To plant seeds of dreams for the future, and to let go obstacles holding you back. 

A space to revisit your past and to remind yourself to nurture your dreams.

Be present and play with your dreams.

Amid the forest, a shelter whispers.


A modest structure, with a tactile skin twinkling under sunshine. 

Playfully meditative… evoking a feeling of spirituality.

A desire to enter competes with a wish to stay gazing all day long.

Entering wins. One approaches the threshold with anticipation.

Like a passage into another dimension, the narrow dark corridor arouses a sense of mystery.

Pools of glimmering light are the only guides.

What is awaiting ahead? A discovery unfolds…


Terra is one of our most beloved visualizations.

It required a lot of work from an architectural thinking point of view.

But more than that, in Terra we experimented with new virtual reality tools and virtual experiences.

We imagined a scenario that could be stepped on, touched and walked through within the metaverse.


Inspiration came from the aesthetics of video games, fantasy and dream worlds

and even some fashion runways that emerged from folkloric environments.


If you are attracted by delirious forms and mysterious atmosphere,

let yourself be astonished by Kaleidoscope Hotel.

terra high-end architectural visualization spital building in snow forest
terra high-end architectural visualization of spiral building
terra high-end visualization of dark modern futuristic corridor between buildings
terra virtual reality metaverse futuristic spiral building in night forest
terra high-end visualization interior building with pond, plants and stones
high-end visualization organic building with earth, wood and stones
terra high-end architectural visualization of chapel interior modern with soft light and candles
terra chapel with lectern and instruments hanging on the wall
terra interior of modern chapel with shadow and light