Aegina, Greece

Stin Ygeia Mas, Aegina, Greece

Design: ERGØN & WØLF Creative Studio


“Stin Ygeia Mas”,

which means “Cheers” in Greek.

Or, to be more literal, it means “(cheers) to our health.”

And we cannot stress this enough.

Amidst challenging circumstances,

we all realize that at the end of the day

our health is the most important thing.


Cheers with a glass of ouzo!


With that perspective in mind, we wanted to capture the feeling

of being on a Greek taverna and enjoying

a refreshing local drink – ouzo – right by the sea.

In those moments of relaxation among friends,

one sees clearly what the purpose of life is.


We are so lucky to have these amazing spots here!

And the beverage is simply delicious.

Plomari is a Greek brand producing ouzo.

We invite you to taste this delicious

aniseed liqueur which is traditional in the island,

with a strong sweet flavor and licorice scent.

A very popular Greek aperitif, especially during the summer.

A ‘must’ for whoever visits Greece.

So… Stin ugeia mas, everyone!!


Now, let’s dive into the landscape visualizations.

In this project, we wanted to play with the contrast between

the whitewashed houses and the intense blue of the Aegean Sea.

Moreover, we wanted to contemplate the objects from a special point of view,

which maintains harmony and at the same time includes a sharp note of tension.

If you can feel it, then we have succeeded with what we were trying to convey.


These visualizations take place in Aegina, a tiny island near Athens, the Greek capital.

You can find this remote spot in the Saronic Gulf, between the peninsulas of Attica and Argolis.

Besides, some sources tell that the philosopher Plato was born in this remote island, with only a few inhabitants.

All of this makes it a special location to take distance from the noisy world and contemplate beauty.


If you felt the personality of Stin Ygeia Mas, we recommend you step into Marpissa.

Stin Ygeia Mas table and chairs next to the sea in greek island
Stin Ygeia Mas detail of leg of white chair in greek island
Stin Ygeia Mas old wooden boat named tonia in the sea in a greek island
Stin Ygeia Mas detail of drinks and glasses in white wooden table next to the sea in a greek island
Stin Ygeia Mas product visualization detail of greek drink and glasses