Basel, Switzerland

Saint Louis Park, Basel, Switzerland

Design: META Landschafts Architektur GmbH


The industrial setting with the railroad tracks and adjacent uses to the west shapes the future San Louis Park in the Volta Nord transformation zone.

At the same time, all traces of the former use on the perimeter itself have disappeared due to redevelopment and deconstruction.

We were fortunate to have the help of META, landscape architects who supported us in the design.

The program reclaims the ecological qualities strongly associated with the former use.

This leads us to examine the question of how to further develop the spirit of the site by keeping the industrial past tangible while also adding new use requirements.


Industrial character


For understandable reasons, the awarding authority wishes the site to have an industrial character.

Unlike conversions, there are no longer relics or vestiges on the perimeter that can tell the story of the past.

We therefore ask ourselves what constitutes an industrial character.



What tools can we use?

If you look at large-scale industrial facilities, you see that we have conceived the organization in a mono-functional way.

The same goes for the design.

In Saint Louis Park, everything is designed to ensure that the work steps run smoothly and as rationally as possible.

Therefore, we dimensioned and shaped the individual elements in such a way that they fulfill their function as optimally as possible.

The first thesis for the new Saint Louis Park is that the design and distribution of uses should be rational.

And we should not aim to reproduce what has gone before.

Rather, we should develop them on the basis of future requirements.


If you liked the result of our reasoning, play attention to Nimm Platz.

virtual reality metaverse of saint louis park with trees and a girl sitting on a bench
virtual reality metaverse of saint louis park with trees, fountain and people