Quai de Valmy, Paris

Residential Building Rehabilitation in Quai de Valmy, Paris, France

Design: Agnès & Agnès Architecture


Quai de Valmy is a district of Paris that runs parallel to the Canal Saint-Martin.

Nearby you can find the Grange aux Belles area and the flowery Jardin Villemin.

This is a perfect place to go and read a book on a gentle sunny afternoon. Or to gather for a picnic with family and friends.


A peaceful residential area


Quai de Valmy is a quiet, residential area. It possesses a peace that allows those who live in these buildings to live a family life.

At the same time, the frenetic and glamorous center of Paris is nearby.

Also when choosing ornaments that would not break the language of the urban and aquatic environment.


Respecting the building’s personality


We had worked with Agnès & Agnès before and had already learned certain techniques when it came to rehabilitating buildings.

These places have their own personality, which must be respected, and the same must be done with the aesthetics of the neighborhood.

Even so, Residential Building Rehabilitation in Quai de Valmy allowed us to introduce new elements.

We did it in the interior courtyard.


Thus, in these high-end architectural visualizations, we included refurbished brown brick walls,

fused with black-painted metal columns.

We sought to unite the traditional and the modern.

The homely and the industrial.

And next to it, the pulsating life of the plants.

To be honest, we love the contrast generated when such disparate elements come together.

They are different, that’s true, but a very special harmony emerges among them.

As for the façade, we decided to keep it intact.

The only exceptions were the plume of hedges and ivy that stands out on the roof of the building.

And the renovated yellow grilles on the windows.

The reason behind making the grilles uneven was to break a symmetry that could border on monotony.


We envisioned a similar work in Boulevard de Sebastopol, named Rehabilitation of a Residential Building.

architectural visualization urban building with pedestrians
Residential Building Rehabilitation in Quai de Valmy detail visualization of brick wall and courtyard in agnes agnes building