Sifnos, Greece

Private residence in Sifnos, Greece

Architect: G. Albanis

Consultant: Konstantinos Tzavaras


Rocky environment and earthy mood

In this landscape visualization project, we really enjoyed the architects’ approach to maintain the rocky environment of nature and the earthy mood.
The architecture is strategic, so that the lines unfold effortlessly to the original contours.
In addition, in this visualization we draw inspiration from art direction techniques used to show the facilities of resorts and hotels.

Moreover, Private Residence in Sifnos has a breathtaking view of the south side of the island.
From the residence you can enjoy the grand view of Platis Gialos, the most popular beach of Sifnos, known as golden beach.


Private Residence in Sifnos is a harsher and rougher visualization than other of our projects.
Wet vegetation is scarce.
Following this, we focus on the spirit of the rock. The texture of the dry earth. And the feel of the sun relentlessly warming the sand.
The house breathes with the private water space of the pool.
We also added strategically placed shadows.
Moreover, pay attention to the detail of the white amphorae in the corners.
These are containers endemic to the area, which the ancient Greeks used to transport water, oil or wine.

The Cyclades archipelago

Sifnos is a Greek island in the Cyclades archipelago.

The Aegean Sea envelops it in an embrace, with sunny weather and mild temperatures.

Besides, Sifnos is celebrated for its traditional pottery, thanks to the island’s rich clay veins.

There are many small pottery workshops in villages like Vathi and Kamares.


Were you seized by the spirit of the Cyclades?

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visualization of stone bridge in private residence in sifnos, greece
high-end visualization detail of table and chairs in private residence in sifnos, greece
high-end architectural visualization of sifnos residence in greece
private resicente in sifnos, greece, surrounded by bushes and mountain
private residence in sifnos, greece, hammocks with rustic umbrella by the swimming pool
high-end architectural visualization bird's eye view of private residence in sifnos, greece
high-end visualization of sifnos in greece with coast and sea
architectural visualization of residence in sifnos, greece, with swimming pool
high-end visualization of chill area in wood and stone in private residence in sifnos, greece
private residence in sifnos, greece, with swimming pool illuminated at night