Madrid, Spain

Private House, Madrid, Spain

Design: ERGØN & WØLF Creative Studio


Nocturnal serenity. Shreds of clouds. Faint moonlight.

The hours pass slowly… and the dawn breaks.

Suddenly, the house is bathed in white light. The water of the pool dazzles like crystals.

In Private House we wanted to merge the dynamic contradiction that lies at the core of Spanish culture.

The house has open spaces. Communicated rooms increase the amplitude.

And so, they give a sense of expansion.

In parallel, we use cozy materials, like stone and wood, which can be found in the surroundings.

And we emphasize the presence of glass, with large windows that play with the light.


One inspiration was Frank Lloyd Wright.

His ideas, which we were reading at the time of the composition of this high-end architectural visualization,

prompted us to create a house in organicist style.

We wanted the house to fit naturally into its surroundings.


In other words, we did not want it to try to subdue nature, in a dynamic of domination.

But to dialogue with her as an equal.

The windows have the same purpose of maintaining visual contact with the vegetation.

Human and natural space are kept apart, but by an invisible line.

The dialogue between the two spaces remains.


The evergreen pine forest environment favors a permanent year-round presence.

Some conifers bring variety to the environment and reinforce the lushness.


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high-end visualization of white living room in private residence in madrid
high-end visualization of white kitchen in private residence in madrid