Athens, Greece

Park Development in Lofos, Athens, Greece

Design: Kipseli Architects


Lofos is an area perched on Mount Lycabettus in the city of Athens, Greece.

Mount Lycabettus is the highest point of the city of Athens.

For that reason we wanted to install a lookout point at one end of the park, from which to enjoy the views.

In this landscape visualization project, we worked alongside Kipseli Architects, a local architecture studio.

They had experience in the area and knew the terrain firsthand.

From the beginning, it was clear to both of us us that the architectural project had to be focused on the child’s developmental needs.


“Dedicated to the child, the hill is treated like a huge board game,

where the visitors enter the board of the game.

A large grid organizes movements and plateaus.

At places, on pre-existing natural platforms,

organized spaces of action come with their own language

to interrupt the strict grid, coloring it with organic curved forms.

Just as children would color their thoughts on paper.”  — Kipseli Architects



As a result, we came up with this colorful board game, in which the play areas blend naturally with the trees.

Pay attention to the slides. Can you perceive the yellow curves that playfully mingle with the surroundings?

Then, take a look at the grassy knolls that kids climb.

When they reach the top, they run down the hill with glee.

The pine trees waiting for them below are just another playmate.

This mixture of organic and metal does not only happen in the area dedicated to children. But also in the adults’.


Why take adults out of the game?

After all, they are children too.


We wanted the benches and shaded areas to also be wrapped in a layer of vegetation, like an embrace of nature.

While their children play, the adults have conversations under the vines.

Socrates taught us this: isn’t dialogue just another form of play?


In these landscape visualizations you can breathe the characteristic of the Greek urban culture.

The open spaces in the sunlight, the profuse vegetation and the places of meeting and dialogue among the Athenians.

These characteristics come determined by the presence of the Mediterranean,

that great body of salt water that kept Greece open to trade, navigation and relations with the rest of what was the ancient Mare Nostrum.

Also the abundant light and warm temperatures all year round, which make the vegetation grow in dense foliage.

Cypress, lavender, thyme and pine are present in Park Development in Lofos. We also include the olive tree,

which represents the city of Athens, linked to the mythological goddess of wisdom, Athena.

park development in lofos architectural visualization of modern yellow and pink playground and kids development park
park development in lofos high-end architectural visualization of modern yellow kids park and trees
park development in lofos high-end architectural visualization of park with purple trees and bushes
park development in lofos high-end architectural visualization of park with trees and beautiful light