Steckborn, Switzerland

Nimm Platz, Steckborn, Switzerland

Design: META Landschafts Architektur GmbH


Nimm Platz is a win!
We had the pleasure to work on the visuals for the future Kehlhofplatz in Steckborn, on the Lake Constance.
And we did it alonsgide META landscape architects, with whom we believe we made an excellent combo.
Now, let’s give some information on the area. Steckborn is a small district in the canton of Thurgau in Switzerland.

The area borders Lake Constance, a large body of water in the northern foot of the Alps.

The lake also serves as a channel of communication between the different districts in Steckborn.


This architectural visualization was designed for an urban, public and community square.

It had to be easily integrated into the environment, respecting the nature and aesthetics of the adjacent traditional houses.

At the same time, it was to serve as a meeting point for neighbors.

We wanted it to encourage dialogue and a slow pace of life.

That is why we decided to place a fountain, with two playful water jets, evoking the nearby Lake Constance.

And also some wooden benches, which invite you to sit down and share the space with others.



Alpine Swiss chalets


In this area of Switzerland it is common to find chalet type houses, typical of the Alpine zone of Europe.

These chalets use wood as the main construction element.

Spruce wood is abundant in these areas.

Other typical species are Norway spruce, shade plane and giant sequoia.

In addition, these timbers provide effective protection against the cold, which is valued in this central European area where winters are severe.


Swiss chalets are easily recognizable by their 90-degree angled roofs.

The windows have shutters, also made of local wood.

In addition to the native spruce trees,  there are widespread pines and other conifers.

The Swiss paint the wood with a waterproof and fireproof stain in red, blue or white.

It’s also common to find a discreet decoration of geometric shapes and zig zags on the facades.

In addition, this Swiss wood is a renewable and sustainable resource.

The residents of Nimm Platz reduce transportation and carbon footprint by reusing local materials that have a long life span.


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Nimm Platz virtual reality metaverse of big green tree in residential area with bench and people
Nimm Platz virtual reality metaverse of big green tree and residential area with playground and fountain