Paros Island, Greece

Marpissa, Paros, Greece

Design: ERGØN & WØLF Creative Studio


Located in Paros, Marpissa is a Greek island known for it’s Mediterranean experiences and Cycladic feeling.

Let your gaze linger on this visualization of a picturesque village, standing on the hill of Kefalos.

Find it just above Piso Livadi, 18 km south-east of Parikia.

Indeed, beautiful Marpissa is a traditional Cycladic village.

It treasures with cubic houses, narrow streets, characteristic churches and windmills.


Routes in Marpissa


Every year, around August, a three-day experiential,

cultural festival takes place there, called ‘Routes in Marpissa‘.

Therefore, it’s an amazing experience for someone that really wants to capture the essence of the village.

Find out about the history, architecture, and beauty that holds.


Above all, this visualization was a whim with which we tried to capture the essence of Marpissa.

With this purpose in mind, we played with the contrast between the ocean blue and the purple jacaranda plant.

The white color acts as a diplomat between the two.

Besides that, another of our obsessions was the cobblestone floor.

We imagined what it would be like to step barefoot on those hot stones,

which have been withstanding an inclement sun all day.


In addition, this landscape visualization experiments with resort aesthetics.

This makes it perfect for use in hotel visualization and landscape architecture.

Moreover, you can play with the visualization to transform it into a stage covered with white lime,

as if dissected and time-proof.

This is what we are looking for with Marpissa:

to take it away intact in our imagination.


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whitewashed greek house with blue bench and palm tree
white and blue traditional village greek house