Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Carshow, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Design: Østersø Design Studio


Smart materials, indirect white lighting and smooth, shiny floors.

Carshow is an elegant reverie for Emirati One.

The space is located in an incomparable center in Dubai.

We wanted the images to exude luxury, as well as speed and futurism.

The sports cars in the show radiate aerodynamics.

Our attempt to transfer that same feeling to the rest of the environment.

The chill areas of Emirati One Lounge have a warmer, cozier atmosphere,

with ochre lights and palm trees wrapped in lights.


We decided to reserve the curves and undulations for the sports car showrooms.

In this way, architecture and space go hand in hand to maintain the feeling of speed in the viewer.

Straight lines and inclined planes appear only in the meeting rooms, lounge and reserved areas.

We wanted to draw a parallel between the straight line and the rational logic of man.

And, on the other hand, the curve and the undulation with the speed of the machine.


One of the difficulties in creating this high-end architectural visualization was

choosing an appropriate color palette.

We knew that the palette should contain white, which would highlight the light.

But we had a hard time determining the exact shade of jet and steel gray.

The visualization of the lounge was particularly difficult

because of the symphony of different shades of ochre, bronze and silver.


The interior design of this lounge was also a challenge.

In particular, the sloping ceiling planes had to harmonize with the circular tables and armchairs.

It was a visual challenge that pushed us to surpass ourselves.


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visualization of white modern carshow
carshow light room with car in united arab emirates
carshow emiratione with modern spot car
high-end visualization of black and white carshow room interior
visualization of modern carshow with white light
high-end visualization of detail carshow
carshow hotel room emiratione with watches
Carshow light saloon in united arab emirates
carshow hotel corridor with light
carshow light hotel room
emiratione lounge carshow with palm trees
high-end visualization of carshow in emiratione showcase