Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Apartment in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Design: Østersø Design Studio


Straight lines, a few curves. And, above all, home.

The seed that germinated in our minds to give birth to Apartment in Dubai was: “a home away from home.”

We tried to stay true to that idea throughout the design.


A home away from home


We ask ourselves: what will the people who inhabit this space be like?

What will be the rhythm of their lives?

What do they carry inside the moment they cross the threshold of the door?

We knew that the user of Apartment in Dubai has a transient life.

He uses this space sometimes for a single night. At other times they stay for weeks at a time.

But when he arrives here, he comes from a certain place and also plans to go somewhere else.

And in the meantime, he wants to find a resting place where he can regain that feeling of home.


With that concept in mind, we looked for materials to convey that sensation.

We are attracted to crystal because it is sincere. The light, the soft, light colors, the precise décor.

Please, contemplate the detail of the piano cover, which reveals the strings of the instrument.

We also turn to wood, that homey element par excellence. We opted for soft and friendly tones, inviting the user to run his hand over it and feel the texture.

Moreover, we included life forms in the corners: the plants are kept alive while the owner of the house comes and goes.


Dubai is currently one of the seven emirates that make up the United Arab Emirates.

It is a thriving city with an aggressive and prolific economy and a strategic location in the Persian Gulf.

In addition, Dubai is a very hot communication hub between different airlines that travel all over the planet.

In the midst of this frenzy of movement, machines and business, we wanted Apartment in Dubai to be a peaceful place to retreat to.

Stays are sometimes brief, sometimes longer.

And throughout, the challenge of Apartment in Dubai remains constant: a home away from home.


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